Model name: TDC145VS
Product line: Professional
Installation: Freestanding
Drying capacity: Large drum volume - 9 kg
Number of programmes: 7
Type of dryer: Vented dryer
Type of display: LCD display
Main colour: Colour of stainless steel




Butterfly Drying
Butterfly Drying
Door filter
Door filter
Drying with sense
Drying with sense
Butterfly Drying
Butterfly Drying

Butterfly Drying

Other dryers use a “reversing” drying process, which means the dryer constantly changes direction. Our dryers tumble the laundry in a figure of an eight. Gently, non-stop and in only one direction, without the clothes bundling. This also saves both the belt and the motor, providing greater durability. The Air Lift™ paddles are designed to lift the load as high as possible to increase time in the air flow. It prevent clothes from bundling, and it is gentle on your clothes: tumbles the clothes in a figure eight; the Air Lift™ paddles are designed to lift the load as high as possible to increase time in the air flow; prevent clothes from bundling; is gentle on your clothes.


A vented dryer takes in external air at room temperature, heats it and runs it through the wet laundry. The humid air is then vented of via an evacuation channel. The process is repeated until the laundry is dry.
Door filter
Door filter

Door filter

Easy cleaning door filter. Effective lint trap that prevents lint and dust to reach the more sensivite and hard to clean condensor and fan: easy to clean under rinsing water or just wipe off with the hand; easy opening of the Door Filter; bayonette and screw fixation of filter frame; indication of lint filter cleaning as display reminder.
Drying with sense
Drying with sense
Drying with sense

Drying with sense

The Auto dry function lets you decide dryness of the load, simply by choosing one of the eight programs. The unique Sensi Dry™ system the assess drying time. Naturally, the program automatically stops when the load has reached the wanted dryness.

Construction & Performance

Long lasting stainless steel drum
Asynchronous motor
Electric heater
Sensor and time controlled drying
Heater power: 5000 W
Drum volume: 145 l
Payment system: Prepared
Butterfly drying system
Shortest program time: 75 min

Use & flexibility

Yes, Asko double lint filter
Door diameter: 34 cm
Door opening angle: 180 °
Humidity sensor

Interaction & Control

Remaining time indication
Type of display: LCD display
End of programme sound signal
Program memory


7 programmes
Auto extra dry low temperature
Auto dry low temperature
Auto Normal dry normal temp

Design & integration

Door opening: Reversible door opening
Adjustable feet: 15 mm
Loading position: Front

Safety & Maintenance

Overheat protection
Thermal and electonic protection against overheating

Technical data

Heater power: 5000 W
Noise level: 66 dB(A)re 1 pW
Power consumption in standby mode: 0,5 W
Power consumption in off mode: 0,5 W
Estimated annual energy consumption: 467,9 kWh
Grounded plug: Yes
Plug type SHUKO: Yes
Connected load: 5300 W
Voltage (V): 400 V
Fuse: 16 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Net weight: 46,4 kg


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 85 × 59,5 × 74,5 cm
Depth with door open: 1165 mm
Length electrical cord: 2,1 m
Venting diameter 110: Left, right, back
Ventilation hose length: 300 cm

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 92 × 64 × 80,9 cm
Gross weight: 48,6 kg
Product code: 734503
EAN code: 3838782330070