Professional Kitchen

What typ fit your need?

  • Built-In dishwashers allowes you to slot in your dishwasher in the availeble space and you will have excellent access to controls. 
  • Fully integrated dishwashers blends seamlessly into the kitchen décor and are hidden beneath your countertop and behind your cabinetry. 
  • Free standing dishwashers gives the freedom to place where you want in your kitchen.
Designed for different situations
We have created different modes to make it easy for you to adapt your favourite dishwashing programme to new situations. Instead of choosing from a long list of programmes and then a long list of different options and settings, you can now simply choose one appropriate mode and press start.

Smart and effective professional kitchen products

ASKO's professional dishwashers are available in a variety of versions and designs making it easy to neatly integrate them into any surroundings. They are supplied with either an integrated and flexible basket system or prepared to deal with industrial baskets. They are fast, economical, ecological and flexible enough to handle all types of loads and dirtiness levels.