Get the most out of your hob
From early morning breakfast to late night snacks, the hob is in constant use. It needs to be fast, efficient, and easy to maintain. ASKO’s range of induction, ceramic and gas hobs offer freedom and flexibility in the kitchen.
Intuitive interaction with Easy Dial
With the Easydial ™ function you´ll find an extremely fast way of controlling your hob. Sliding your finger clockwise increases the power level, anti-clockwise reduces it. Intuitive, good looking and smart - it´s an ASKO hob.
Induction hobs with auto pan detection
If a pan is put on a cooking zone, the associated control is enlightend and the zone has been put into standby mode. Now you just need to set the desired heat setting. This way the use of the hob becomes more intuitive; it is always clear which control unit a cooking zone belongs to and the cooking zone need not be switched on separately. If the pot is lifted up the zone automatically pauses and then starts again when the pot is put back
No flame, no gas!
Should the flame be extinguished by, for example, a draught or water boiling over, the gas supply to that particular burner will immediately be cut off.
Extended range with Bridge Induction™
ASKO’s flexible Bridge Induction™ zones let you bridge two cooking zones to create one large cooking zone, allowing you to optimise your cooking space. The Bridge Induction™ zones provide the ideal amount of space for large pots and pans, making your cooking options endless.
Most effective wok burner on the market
With the Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner, heat is concentrated at the base of the pan. Whereas other wok burners allow the heat to dissipate, the Volcano wok burner’s inner flame directs the flame straight onto the base of the pan. The pan reaches a high temperature quickly and remains at this high temperature after fresh ingredients have been added. In addition to the effective inner flame, the burner also has an outer flame that can be switched on separately.
Easy clean coating
The stainless steel variants of the new Craft gas hobs are equipped with a Easy Clean coating. This coating is specially designed to easily clean the stainless steel catch. The coating works like a very thin layer of glass, so that splashes of oil, butter or other ingredients do not adhere to the material and can not burn in the stainless steel.
Helping hand when you need it with our Cast iron pan support
We have fitted all of our gas hobs with extra sturdy pan supports in real cast iron. They provide a perfect and secure support even for very heavy pots and pans and are easy to remove when cleaning the hob.

Hobs by ASKO