Coffee machines

We have spend a lot of time on the design of our coffee machines to make it a perfect match with the other products.

With a unique interaction and control philosophy based on a TFTtouch interface you got all the possibilities to get your coffee done inexactly the way you want it. The interface consists of over 50 different programs, options and settings. For example customizable beverage size, language selection, automatic rinsing, hot water setting and descaling program. All the daily use components are easy detachable and very easy to clean. No solvents are needed to wash the machine,and even the descaling operation requires a simple natural descaler instead of the usual dangerous chemical tablets.
Coffee machines
Our coffee machines makes delicious espresso, black coffee, cappuccino or caffè latte time after time. The strength, quantity and degree of grinding can be adjusted for the perfect desired result.
The perfect milk froth
For many coffee lovers the milk and the quality of the milk froth is as important as the coffee itself. Perfect milk froth has a temperature at around 60°C and it should have around 2/3 foam and 1/3 liquid. To achieve thickness and crema the froth must only contain small bubbles - microbubbles. Added to that perfectly brewed Espresso magic emerges.
Automatic coffee programmes
ASKO coffee machine have many coffee programmes you can choose from, like espresso, black coffee, cappuccino or caffè latte.
Custom recipes for different tastes
Everyone has their own idea of how a perfect cup of coffee will taste. It can be about the difficult balance between strength and bust or as simple as the amount of coffee you prefer. In our coffee machines you can taste your perfect coffee concept and then save it. Let the coffee be a good morning routine.
Prefer coffee beans or ground coffee?
The highly effective grinder grinds your coffee beans to the perfect grain size in just a few seconds. It’s just as easy to fill the coffee machine with pre-ground coffee if you prefer.
Dishwasher-safe milk container
As always, keeping the gear clean is essential for making good -tasting coffee drinks. The milk container is easy to clean, and the inside part is dishwasher-safe.
Touch control interface
The interface is easy and engaging to use and will encourage you to explore all features and functions of the appliance. Intuitive interface software based on consumer insights and usability tests.
A fresh cup of coffee should be just that
Coffee residue inside the grinder can add a rancid taste to your freshly made coffee. There will always be some residual coffee left in the grinder but the amount varies greatly depending on which machine you use. In the Elements coffee machine the residual amount is as little as 3 grams. Other machines on the market hold up to 12 grams.
Beans should be ground, not cut
Our coffee machine uses a high quality conical burr grinder, which crushes the beans into the same granulate size. This helps to release the aroma from each coffee grain to extract the full range of flavours from the beans. Watch out for coffee machines with blade grinders, which cut the beans into powder with less consistency in the granulate as a result.
Easy-clean brewing unit
The brewing unit is one of the most important parts to keep clean. You release it by pressing the two red grips with one hand. Take to the sink and rinse it, replace it in the machine – and you are done. Cleaning doesn’t get much easier than this.