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Pro Home Laundry- Laundry care the ASKO way

We follow our own path

Pro Home laundry, a range of washing machines and tumble dryers that combine a contemporary, clean, minimalist design with a professional construction based closely on commercial laundry products. The Pro Home washing machines and tumble dryers have a unique design, featuring with a full-size front made from a single piece of solid stainless steel surrounding a horizontal brushed metal user panel. The front side, panel, display, and other visible components are constructed with a perfect fit and finish.
Pro Home Laundry - Style - Scandinavian state of art
The Style models have a full-size front made from a single piece of solid stainless steel that surrounds the stylish horizontal brushed metal panel. The front, panel, display and other visible components boast a perfect fit and finish and the full-colour highdefinition TFT display provides the best possible overview of the available functions, modes, and status. We have not compromised on any material, which is why all the knobs and buttons are made of carefully polished metal and designed to offer the best feel and response when used.
Pro Home Laundry Logic - Make the logical choice
For the Logic models we focused on a minimalistic appearance with sleek lines and a balanced colour scheme between the front plate, panel and display. Harmony is key here and the Logic models are suited to all types of integration where appearance is important. This is the logical choice for everyone and caters to the need for both design and function.
Pro Home Laundry Classic - A timeless Classic
Our Classic models have a programme for every living situation and with the two run modes, you can quickly adjust the programmes to make them either more environmentally friendly or wash more intensively. The interface is easy to understand and straightforward to use with a selection knob for programme selection and buttons for each option. The front plate, panel and controls have the same timeless, discreet and elegant white design that will last forever.

ASKO's features for washers

Quattro™ Construction
The Quattro Construction™ is a unique yet simple system consisting of four shock absorbers that transfer the vibrational energy from the outer drum to the bottom plate of the machine. In fact, the entire construction stands inside the casing and spinning at even maximum rpm can be achieved virtually free of vibrations.
Hygienic Steel Seal™ door
A common feature of all commercial washing machines, whether they are used in hotels, beauty salons or retirement homes, is that they have no rubber bellow. And there’s good reason. Eliminating a rubber door seal that can degrade over time and trap dirt and grime ensures a more hygienic wash. You will also find loading and unloading easier with the Steel Seal™ door solution. All ASKO domestic washers have this long-lasting door solution.
Scandinavian design
The key elements of Scandinavian design – understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials – are reflected in ASKO’s design language. Much emphasis is also placed on functionality. We strive to make life easier by offering truly user-friendly interfaces, integration of practical functions and trouble-free, durable products that please people for a long time.
Super Rinse™
Dirt is not good for your clothes and detergents are not good for your skin. As a preventive measure for people with very sensitive skin ASKO’s washing machines feature an extra rinse function called Super Rinse. This is especially important in countries with soft water and means that the machine rinses up to seven times.
Line Concept™
The Line Concept™ starts with the detergent drawer to the left and ends with the Start/Stop/Pause button to the right. Start with filling the detergent drawer then simply enter your desired settings from left to right! Line Concept™ is available on all Pro Home™ washing machines and tumble dryers.
Removable lifters
The hourglass-shaped and removable lifters guide the load to the gentler central area of the drum and effectively remove large debris, such as dirt and gravel, to the larger holes at the edge of the drum. ASKO Active Drum™ is perfectly balanced to ensure the best possible washing and rinsing performance while still ensuring minimal wear on fabrics.

ASKO's features for dryers

A Soft Drum™ made of stainless steel
Soft Drum™ is a solution developed to enhance air flow around the load, thereby increasing the drying effect. The circular indentations with bevelled edges also have a cushioning effect that reduces wear and tear on fabrics. The new drum design allows for even and gentle drying with both small and large loads.
Butterfly Drying™
This prevents bundling and minimises creasing in your clothes. We have solved this problem by creating a unique solution that we call Butterfly Drying™. The two paddles inside the machine gently push the clothing in a figure of eight, to spread the garments out and allow air to evenly circulate through them.
We love ball bearings
Ball bearings are good things. They make things spin easier and last longer, so we equip our tumble dryer with up to five of them: one on the drum shaft, two to rest the drum on, and two ball bearings to support the motor.
LED light - a light that welcomes you
All of our Logic and Style tumble dryers are equipped with an interior LED light that provides ambient light with a premium feeling. It is nice to be able to see those items that can easily be left at the back of the dryer. The porthole is also illuminated for easy loading and unloading.
Brushless motor - long lasting motors
We have fitted our tumble dryers with extra reliable and quiet brushless motors. No brushes means a part less than can break, it also makes the motor more quiet.
Self cleaning condensing filter
Some of our heat pump dryers have an efficient self cleaning condenser filter. This is a convenient solution that saves you both time and effort. It automatically cleanses the condenser filter by flushing it with water.

Drying cabinet by ASKO

Large Capacity
With adjustable pull-out racks and 16 metres of hanging space, our freestanding drying cabinet gives you all the convenience of a clothes line – without you having to step outside your house! This means neither wet weather nor humid days can interrupt your laundry schedule.
Heat pump drying cabinets
Our new heat pump drying cabinets are low in energy consumption but high in drying efficiency. With a dewatering capacity of 22 g/min they dry a 4 kg load in just 90 minutes and with an energy consumption of just 0.3 kWh. The cabinet is a fully closed system which means that no exhaust air connection is required. The moisture condenses during the process and the water that is formed is conveyed to a detachable water tank or via a hose to a drain.
Less mess
With a drying cabinet, you can dry your family’s sweaters, shirts, coats, shoes, gloves and more in a neat, organised way. It’s a brilliant way of taking care of your family’s clothes while keeping the house neat and tidy.
Dries everything
It’s not just rubber boots that can be dried in a drying cabinet. All leather shoes need to rest between each use to allow moisture to escape. If you use them before they have dried, the seams will eventually break and they will lose their fit. Put them in the drying cabinet when you get home from work and they are ready for your evening walk an hour later.

Hidden helpers by ASKO

Your laundy room just got bigger
Do you have problems finding space for your ironing board? Have you looked between the washer and the dryer? We have! Right there is a simple yet obvious and well-conceived solution that is always on hand when you need to iron your clothes, but safely and invisibly stored away when not in use.
Removable rack
A pull-out basket that is easily accessible from the dryer, and has a push-pull door opening with a large removable rack. This is a solution that is useful for removing laundry and carrying it to the wardrobe or workbench for ironing and folding.
Easier to load and unfold
Our hidden pull-out shelf makes loading and unloading your laundry so much easier. You’ll be surprised how handy it is. We call it laundry care single.
Storage and improved ergonomics
A useful storage drawer with a height of 30 cm. Ideal for storing your detergent, softener, coat hangers, pegs, user manuals and other useful items in the laundry area. Place it beneath your washer and dryer and you’ll have a better working height when loading and unloading. The drawer also comes with a shelf for more easily loading and unloading of your laundry.
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