Pro Home Dishwasher

Pro Home Dishwasher by ASKO

ASKO dishwashers are made of steel. This has been a well-known fact for decades and when you open the door, you will see more steel than in any other dishwasher on the market. With our new generation of dishwashers we want to emphasise this fact even more. Take a look at the door and you will see only high-quality steel with no division between door and panel. It expresses itself as a sturdy and reliable machine, yet retains elegant, sleek and sophisticated lines stemming from the minimalism of the Scandinavian mindset.

Types of ASKO Pro Series dishwashers

The days of kitchen appliances taking up unwanted space and performing with limited functionality are over. Thanks to ASKO innovations that include the best built-in dishwashers, Australian homes now boast European style, seamless design features and kitchen appliances that work in harmony for superior results. Built-in dishwashers are fitted into existing cabinetry or installed as part of a new build.
Fully Integrated
The sliding door solution enables tight installations with no jarring between the wooden front door and kitchen cabinetry. The wooden door slides upwards when opening and downwards when closing, allowing for very tight installations down to two millimetres* between the dishwasher door and the underlying plinth or drawer front. * without Status Light
Free standing
If you wish to turn your built-in dishwasher into a free standing model for placement where you choose, you can select a free standing kit. This kit provides a top and sides which cover the dishwasher and allows it to be neatly integrated within a space.

Built to last

Flexible baskets
Our goal is to make your everyday life simpler. This is why we have worked so hard to develop one of the market’s largest and most flexible basket systems. We continuously review customer feedback and studies to reveal all the secret items you could possibly want to put in our dishwashers. All this ensures that our baskets are as innovative and practical as you expect them to be.
8 Steel
More steel, less plastic is ASKO’s philosophy. Our dishwasher baskets, spray arms and internal components are constructed from steel, not plastic. More durable, more hygienic and longer lasting are the features of any ASKO dishwasher. 8 Steel™: No other dishwasher have so many details in steel instead of plastic
Pins and rows
The pin rows and glass supports are needed to ensure that your china remains safe while being washed. But sometimes they can be in the way, especially when you need to load various types of dishes in the same basket - which is more often than not. That is why we have made sure that the pin rows and one of the wine glass racks in our upper baskets can be divided. This allows you to load different items in one basket and even in the same row.
Steel door
The new generation dishwashers has a true full front with no division between door and panel. The front is made from a single piece of stainless steel plate and each corner is carefully folded and welded. Delicate tact switches in pure metal and with a fingertip feeling provide tactile feedback together with direct visual response in the two-row display.


Green mode
Saving both water and energy, this mode lowers the temperature and extends each stage of the cycle to reduce water whilst still achieving the same perfect cleaning result as the normal program.
Intensive mode
Dirty dishes and dried food and easily handled with increased pressure in the spray arm and more heat and water being used during the cycle.
Speed mode
This mode reduces cleaning time by 50%. To achieve the best cleaning result in the shorter time period, more energy and water are used.
Night mode
With this mode the water pressure in the spray arms is lowered, reducing the noise level by as much as 2 dB compared to the tested value. Perfect for open plan solutions with seamless kitchen and living spaces.


Our Eco program is intended for cleaning normally dirty dishes and is the most effective program in terms of combined energy and water consumption. The option High Temperature must be selected to access the program used to compile the information for energy labeling.
A program intended for washing plastic items that are dishwasher safe. This program has an extra long drying cycle.
Half Load
The Lower half program is great when you only want to wash plates and cutlery in the lower basket. Slightly dirty dishes can also be placed in the upper basket. If you have cups and glasses that need washing in the upper basket, you should use our upper half load program. Slightly dirty dishes can also be placed in the lower basket.
Crystal glass care
One of our goals is to finally put an end to the myth that crystal glasses cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher. While this is true for some dishwashers, crystal can certainly be washed in an ASKO. The secret is our Crystal glass program, which ensures that the water temperature increases gradually and is then maintained evenly, with a difference of just ±1°C. Place your valuable crystal in the secure wine glass holders in the upper basket.
Quick pro wash
After starting and the first water intake, the water is heated to approximately 65°C and kept there for up to three hours. The washing cycle then starts from this pre-heated stand-by mode, enabling very short program times down to 15 minutes.
Self cleaning
The self-cleaning program ensures that the tub, water recycling tank and spray system are thoroughly cleaned. Regular cleaning is essential for both washing performance and the machine’s longevity. Use standard detergent, citric acid or a special dishwasher cleaning agent.
Hygiene program
The hygiene program can be used for effective cleaning of baby bottles and other objects that can be good to keep extra clean. To prevent the growth of bacteria and remove odours from chopping boards, for example, we raise the temperature to 70°C in the main wash and final rinse programs. This is also ideal for thorough washing of jars for people who make their own jam or marmalade. The result is extra clean and hygienic.

Dishwasher features

Telescopic rails
ASKO steel baskets easily slide in and out on smooth and silent telescopic rails.
Turbo drying
The ASKO turbo drying fan draws out steam from the dishwasher before it has time to settle on the dishes. This means your dishes will be perfectly dry with no water spots, streaks or moisture.
Super Cleaning system+
Never pre-rinse dishes again. ASKO’s SCS+ blasts dishes before the main wash to remove any food particles. Saves time, energy and effort.
Top Cutlery Tray
On top of it all is a flexible top cutlery tray, with its own spray arm and space for seventeen place settings of cutlery, or other utensils. The width of the tray has been optimised to make room for tall glasses in the upper basket. If more space is needed, simply take it out.
Instant lift
With our unique Instant Lift™ height adjustment system, you can adjust the top cutlery tray for higher or lower loads and free up more space in the upper basket through a simple operation. In the raised position, the space is 40 mm and in the lowered position it can be up to 58 mm. Simple, smart and flexible.
Twin tubes
ASKO’s dishwashers are renowned for their exceptional washing results. The secret is our carefully designed and tested rinsing system, comprising no fewer than 11 spray zones* that cover every corner of the dishwasher compartment. Each basket also has its own rinsing system, such as the middle basket where you will find Twin Tubes™, which is a dedicated spray zone for the middle basket.
Scandinavian design
Our Scandinavian design philosophy centers on clean minimalist lines and unobtrusive appliance integration. Our fully integrated dishwashers blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry creating a perfect effortless look. Our stainless steel models feature a gracious full-size steel door with no division between door and panel. The front is made from a single piece of stainless steel plate and each corner is carefully folded and welded.
Extra large capacity
Dishwashers which fill too quickly and need to be continually emptied are not part of the ASKO range. With improvements to our rack systems, our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 17 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results. Whether you need to load large and odd shaped items, such as pots, vases and serving dishes, you'll do it with ease in an ASKO. Offering one of the largest capacities on the market, our XL and XXL models provide a loading height of 54/58cm for larger plates and taller glasses.
Orrefors recommends ASKO
Every time you wash Orrefors glasses in an ASKO dishwasher, you are also nurturing an important piece of Swedish innovation. Orrefors and ASKO both have their roots firmly planted in the Scandinavian design tradition and both brands are represented the world over. Our shared heritage, together with the fact that Orrefors crystal glasses are washed every day in our dishwashers, has enabled us to embrace one another in an established partnership.

ASKO dishwashers are made of steel

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