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The four elements – fire, air, water and earth – refer to the forces that create our universe. In a Scandinavian context you would find them in smoky volcanoes and geysers, in the howling west wind, in the running rivers and the deep blue sea, and in the mountain rocks and the minerals of the earth. Elements that inspired us to create a new range of top-performing kitchen appliances. Solid feel, detailed finishing and intuitive controls characterise our new range of products, which includes all the necessary gear for devoted cooking – from Volcano wok burners to integrated steam solutions.

Powerfull ovens by ASKO Elements

Only pure steam
Our combi steam ovens have a unique steam generation system that creates nothing more than pure steam. This is possible thanks to the flow meter, which ensures that the correct amount of water is used, and the separator, where the pure steam and condensed water are separated. Condensed steam falls to the bottom of the oven where it is heated and becomes new steam. This ensures that your food just gets steamed and not boiled.
Healthy cooking with steam
Bring out new flavours by using steam in combination with hot air or cook truly healthy food using steam alone. This will preserve all of the mineral salts and flavour within the food while retaining its colour and texture. Meat, fish and vegetables can be cooked simultaneously: just set the time according to the food that requires the most time to cook and there is no risk of overcooking.
Save time and effort with pyrolytic cleaning
Just like other cookware you use in your kitchen the oven requires regular cleaning. That’s when your new Elements by ASKO pyrolytic oven comes in handy. During the pyrolysis programme the oven heats to 465 °C and all grease and leftovers are carbonised to a fine ash, which you then easily wipe up. And to make it even better, you can also clean the baking trays with pyrolysis.
Cooking with the right touch
The Elements by ASKO ovens come with a unique interaction philosophy based on a TFT touchscreen with the most frequently used functions immediately accessible. The interface is easy and engaging to use and will encourage you to explore all features and functions of the oven. This oven is the smart way to enhance your cooking
ASKO vaulted precision cooking
All ASKO ovens feature an interior cavity based on generations of wood fire ovens. The shape of our ovens, with a vaulted ceiling and completely flat backside and door, allows for a more even circulation of hot air. To further enhance the distribution effect, both the cavity and the trays are covered with high-quality enamel that effectively absorbs and reflects heat. Resulting in perfect cooking every time.
PRO roast mode
First the meat is sealed at a high temperature by means of hot air and the top heating element. Then the dish is slowly cooked at a low, preset temperature, with the top and bottom heating elements. Also creates a delicious crispy crust on meat, poultry and fish.
Extra Large Ovens
The 60 cm ovens are extra large with a capacity of up to 73 litres and possibility to bake on five levels simultaneously. This saves time, money and the planet because you use electricity more efficiently. The same applies to the combination oven that can hold a full 50 litres and with which you can bake on three levels simultaneously. One of the largest 45 cm ovens on the market.

Hobs by ASKO Elements

Fusion Volcano Wok burner
The Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner is different to most wok burners. It generates a vast amount of heat and effectively directs it to the base of the pan, rather than around the sides. It also maintains a high temperature even when you add more ingredients. This instantaneous heat transfer will help you to create the perfect wok dishes in your own home.
Perfectly controlled burners
All of the Elements by ASKO gas cooktops feature automatic ignition. You simply press the control knob and turn it anticlockwise and the burner will then ignite. A selection of the Elements by ASKO gas cooktops have a unique individual timer function for each burner. The individual timer function can switch off one or more of the burners automatically. When the set time has expired you will hear a beep and the timer-operated burner will switch off.
Duo Fusion™ Gas and Induction cooktop
The ASKO Duo Fusion™ is a 90 cm cooktop which combines two energy sources; one being an induction cooktop and the other being a Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner. These two cooking methods are combined into one piece of 6 mm ceramic glass. The first cooktop to truly cater for lovers of the gas flame and the technology of induction cooking all in one appliance. The Duo Fusion™ cooktop is available in two versions, one in black glass with a knob dial for regulating the burner and touch sliders for the induction cooktop The other model, HIG1944MB, has a stylish matt black surface and Easy Dial™ touch control even for the gas burner.
Cooking with no limits
You can compile your own ideal cooktop using ASKO Dominos. They can be built in next to each other, or combined beautifully with a full-size gas or induction cooktop. The Dominos are available in induction or gas with two A+ burners or with a Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner. If you like wok cooking but prefer induction, choose an induction wok.

Drawers by ASKO Elements

Sleek and modern
The ASKO Elements Warming Drawer follows the same sleek design principles as the Elements oven range. The drawer can be seamlessly placed below a steam oven, pyrolytic oven or combi-oven to dramatically improve cooking potential. Why reheat recently cooked food, when it can be simply kept warm in a warming drawer.

Coffee machine by ASKO elements

Seamless integration
Good taste not only characterize what the coffee machine delivers but also its exterior. The Elements coffee machine is perfectly co-designed with the other products in the Elements range and is nicely integrated with both the 45 and 60 cm ovens. It is easy to pull out the coffee machine and when you have done that you ave access to the bean and coffee powder compartments as well as the smartly designed cup shelf on the side of the macine.
The perfect milk froth
Perfect milk froth has a temperature at around 60°C and it should have around 2/3 foam and 1/3 liquid. To achieve thickness and crema the froth must only contain small bubbles - microbubbles. Added to that perfectly brewed Espresso magic emerges.
My coffee profile setting
With the menu selection "My coffee" you can customize your personal perfect cup of coffee. You can for example decide the level of milk and strength of the coffee in your cappuccino, or setting higher froth. A perfect feature for families with varied tastes for coffee.
Fine tune the grinding
Depending on the type of coffee you can also vary the element of roasted taste, fruity and acidity with the degree of grinding.Elements coffee machine automatically adjusts grinding level to the type of coffee selected, but you can also fine tune the grinding level manually in 13 steps.

ASKO Elements Range

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