ASKO at IFA 2019

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Paul will be there Over the past two decades, Melbourne-based chef, Paul Mounsey has worked in professional kitchens, in Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria. Now working as the Head Chef at ASKO Appliances Australia, Visit us and meet Paul!

Good Design Award 2019

Asko’s Elements ovens stand for luxury and craftsmanship coupled with advanced technology and present the ultimate tools for the home chef. The built-in products seamlessly fit in contemporary kitchen design. The Elements line-up features steam technology, combi microwave functionality, pyrolytic cleaning and intuitive touch screen user interfaces.

Visit us and take a closer look at our award winning ovens.

Visit us at IFA and explore our new products

New built-in and ceiling units The kitchen is more than ever a living space. It is a pleasant, central pitch in the house, where we create memories that last. Ventilation is important to maintain an environment where our customers can stay creative and healthy. With the addition of our built-in and ceiling units, we can provide adequate ventilation for any type of kitchen.
Introducing our 5-in-1 combi oven Are you an urban creature? Or the opposite? Do you struggle with limited space in your kitchen? Or not at all? Our brand new and unique 5-in-1 combi ovens solves a lot of problems as well as adding a lot of value to your cooking. Five different heating methods - including full steam, microwaves and hot air - in the one and same oven saves place in your kitchen for other appliances. Why not combine it with an Elements coffee machine. Or extend the cooking possibilities even more by pairing it with one of our convection or pyrolytic ovens.

Time for coffee again

The Scandinavian countries are present on several rankings on different subjects. Like happiness. And gender equality. And costs of living. But we also dominate the list of the most coffee consuming countries in the world.

In Scandinavia, having coffee has never only been about having coffee. Having coffee is about taking a moment. A moment to rest, to be social with friends, colleagues or family. Or just to calmly enjoy your own company and that particular cup of coffee.

While growing up, people on the countryside used a coffee boiler to make coffee. Some drank it from the saucer so it would cool faster and some drank it with a lump of sugar between their teeth. Normally you had coffee for breakfast and the eleven-o-clock-coffee and the after-lunch-coffee and the three-o-clock-coffee. And maybe a comforting cup to the evening news at 19.30.

The coffee culture is still strong in Scandinavia. These days you can choose from various ways of making your coffee. Regular brewed, in a mocca maker or a perculator. You can drink it hot or cold brewed. Whatever fits your flavor and style and goes in your your kitchen.

Now a days a way of luxury can be a built-in coffee machine in your kitchen. A machine who matches all sorts of personalities and tastes. The Craft coffee machine allows for several recipes and can also be customised just the way you want it. It is also brutally good looking and matches perfectly with the rest of your appliances. The dreamy Black Steel surface reflects the surroundings and blends in like a black pearl.

How ever, no matter what cup of coffee you prefer, make sure you get the time to sit in peace. Make the coffee you want to drink and make some lasting moments.