ASKO at IFA Berlin

“It is time to let your home take care of you.”

The new ASKO Connect Life products enable you to do things with your appliances that you’ve never imagined before. The new ASKO products allow you to save time, plan ahead and get great results. 

At IFA 2017 ASKO presents kitchen and laundry Connect Life products. The Kitchen range has been awarded for its design, and the Refrigerators are the new Built-in models.  Also, the laundry products have been recently awarded for their design by the prestigious Red Dot Award. The design and performances of the new ASKO Pro Washing Machine and the Tumble Dryer are truly cutting edge. 

Join us in Berlin from 1st to 6th of September, Hall 1.1., Stand 201, 1st Floor to find out more.

ASKO Pro Home Laundry Launch 2017

ASKO Pro Laundry
This year in the competition of over 5500 entries from all over the world, our latest contribution to the laundry range, ASKO Pro Home laundry was awarded for the groundbreaking design to the washers and dryers by receiving the Red Dot - Best of the Best Award.

ASKO Appliances is launching ASKO Pro Home laundry, a range of washing machines and tumble dryers that combine a contemporary, clean, minimalist design with the professional Quattro Construction™ – we continue to build our domestic appliances like we build the professional ones. 

Unique design blended with comprehensive range of programs

ASKO Pro Laundry Display
The ASKO Pro Home Laundry washers and dryers have a unique design, featuring a full front made from a single piece of steel surrounding a horizontal brushed metal user panel. The front side, panel, display, and other visible components are constructed with a perfect fit and finish.

The machines also feature settings for a large selection of programs, including allergy programs for the washing machines and steam care programs for the heat pump dryers.

With functions such as the convenient Auto Dosing, effective ASKO Pro Wash system and a comprehensive range of program alternatives (with six preset smart run modes for the washing machine that are your shortcuts to get the most out of your washing machine: Normal, Green, Speed, Allergy, Intensive and Night), you gain total control of your everyday life and a wide spectrum of different situations. The premium range includes an engaging and intuitive TFT touch screen interface, tactile switches, and a large rotary knob for an easy and intuitive control of your washing machine.

Only the best is good enough

ASKO philosophy
ASKO's philosophy is simple yet demanding: "Only the best is good enough". This has been the hallmark of the design and construction of all ASKO products for decades, and with this new range we have selected a design language that clearly express the professional construction and the inner values of the products. Jon Carlehed, industrial senior designer at ASKO explains: "The new generation of ASKO washing machines and tumble dryers has its roots in the Scandinavian design and mindset, where minimalism, elegance and sophisticated lines play an important role," he continues, "Classic white in combination with metal details means that these machines fit seamlessly into most contexts and will last over time."

The new generation of washing machines and tumble dryers comes in three different variants: Classic, Logic and Style. They all share the same solid, professional construction but offer slightly different programs, options, and modes. 
The user interfaces have different designs but share the same user-centric design philosophy. "We applied different methods, including testing, to ensure the best possible usability, resulting in a natural left to right interaction that makes it easy to navigate between all of the specialized programs and options that contribute to a personally-tailored washing and drying experience," Jon Carlehed explains.

ASKO Pro Laundry Features

ASKO Pro Laundry
Summary of features for tumble dryers
  • Steam programs for rapid crease and wrinkle removal
  • Air Lift™ paddles achieve faster drying
  • Soft Drum™ for gentle drying
  • Interior lighting for easy viewing
  • Butterfly Drying™ for less bundling
  • Sportswear program for Gore-Tex™ and membrane clothing

Summary of features for washing machines
  • Auto Dosing ensures correct amount of detergent
  • Large door for easy clothes removal
  • Steel Seal™ door for better hygiene
  • Start/stop button with pause function
  • Pro Wash™ system for effective rinsing and cleaning
  • Quattro Construction™ for whisper-quiet operation and eliminating vibrations