ASKO at IFA 2015

We are happy to invite you to visit us at the IFA in Berlin, Germany, where we will present the highlights from ASKO kitchen and laundry appliances.Get inspired by our differentiated approach, combining professional standards and consumer insights to create state-of-the-art, exciting and aspirational products.
You will find us in Hall 1.1, Stand 201, 2nd Floor.

Events at our booth

Premier for our new kitchen range; Elements by ASKO.

ASKO combined its great passion for cooking, design and craftsmanship to create Elements by ASKO: a state-of-the-art line of cooking appliances. The result is a range of kitchen appliances that look astonishing, are a pleasure to operate and deliver the most tasteful cooking result. Exciting cooking appliances that have already been celebrated by Red Dot Award and Good Design Award.

The ceramic glass surfaces have an off black, almost earthy and light sparkling appearance, and gracefully contrast with the bright stainless steel trims and handle bars. The Elements by ASKO range also presents matching cooker hoods and matt black hobs. Jon Carlehed, Head of Design at ASKO, summarizes the concept:  “The design of the Elements by ASKO once again emphasizes our roots. It is refined yet simple, it is pure, and it is right down to earth - a cool sense of Scandinavia in your kitchen”.

ASKO dishwasher - The largest capacity on the market

During summer and fall 2015 ASKO Appliances also presents new features and improvements to what is already a frontrunner. A flexible and height adjustable top cutlery tray with room for 16 sets of cutlery, small bowls and utensils, with a dedicated spray system and Instant Lift™: a smart patent pending solution for smooth height adjustment of the top cutlery tray. To ensure a perfect cleaning performance a third spray arm is added at the top.

Along with the new top basket ASKO has a number of improvements to the existing baskets. Below some examples too sum up all the benefits of ASKO’s new generation Flexiracks™ dishwashers:

  •  A solution that makes it possible to load lightweight objects and preventing them from flipping around (LightLock™)
  • The upper basket is fitted with pin rows that are foldable and divisible. Makes it easy to load more differentiated loads.
  •  Improved capacity to wash more bowls by introducing an extra spray tube for the middle basket (Dual Twin Tubes™)
  •  All pin rows in the lower basket are made foldable and divisble increasing the loading flexibility and capacity.
  •  The pin rows in the lower basket can be set in three different angels for perfect fit to different sizes of plates, and now allow plates up to 40 cm diameter to be loaded.   
  • A foldable holder is introduced to make it possible to wash tall narrow objects like vases and baby bottles.

From now on you can cook like a chef, dine like a gourmet and next day find all your dishes cleaned in the ASKO Flexiracks™ dishwasher.

ASKO washing machines: solid on four legs since 1950

ASKO washing machines: solid on four legs since 1950

Since then, ASKO Laundry Appliances has convinced millions of households and professional users. Innovation driven by craftsmanship and a deep understanding of customer needs have made ASKO laundry appliances among the best on today’s market. Using professional standards to produce domestic washing machines is what makes ASKO unique.

  •  ASKO’s Quattro system has four shock absorber legs that virtually eliminate vibration, for quiet operation and a longer life.
  • The SmartSeal™ ensures a more hygienic wash by eliminating rubber door seals that risk degrading over time, trapping dirt and grime.
  • The ActiveDrum™ guides your laundry to the centre of the drum. This gives less wear on delicate items and better balance in the drum. The larger evacuation holes on each side of the drum effectively process the laundry and remove dirt and gravel from the machine.
  • The XL washers and dryers have a capacity up to 11 KG and a volume of 80 and 145 litres respectively, making it possible to wash larger items such as bedding, rugs or down coats at home.

You will find us in Hall 1.1, Stand 201, 2nd Floor.