ASKO at IFA 2019

New hall, new entrance - same quality as always.
Join our cooking sessions, explore our appliances, design ranges and meet our staff. 

Discover the world of ASKO - Inspired By Scandinavia.
Warm welcome!
Paul will be there Over the past two decades, Melbourne-based chef, Paul Mounsey has worked in professional kitchens, in Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria. Now working as the Head Chef at ASKO Appliances Australia, Visit us and meet Paul!

Visit us at IFA and explore our new products

New built-in and ceiling units The kitchen is more than ever a living space. It is a pleasant, central pitch in the house, where we create memories that last. Ventilation is important to maintain an environment where our customers can stay creative and healthy. With the addition of our built-in and ceiling units, we can provide adequate ventilation for any type of kitchen.
Introducing our 3-in-1 oven Experience our new 3-in-1 ovens, and enjoy the power of steam, the possibilities of microwaving together with all the standard functionalities of our multifunctional ovens - in one shimmering package.