ASKO Pro Series

Pro Series kitchen products - for those who expect more

We have been selling high quality appliances to demanding customers for over 60 years. This has given us all the experience we need to create a range of appliances for the kitchen that will move our design philosophy and quality thinking a step forward. The name of the range is ASKO Pro Series™, a hallmark of high quality and thoughtful design in every detail.

ASKO Pro Series™ ovens

Silent soft closing
Oven doors which slam are not part of the Pro Series range. Our ovens feature a smart built-in spring system. You simply need to give the doot a slight touch for it to close softly on its own.
Built for result
Our Pro Series ovens are intelligently crafted to ensure a perfect cooking result everytime. The heating elements located in Pro Series ovens have been carefully placed to ensure the optimal distribution of heat.
An immersive visual display
Our Pro Series oven range feature a TFT touch screen display with clear and concise visuals which guide you through program and temperature selection. The programs guide you step-by-step through each cooking process.
150 Auto programs
Whether you're a kitchen novie or a kitchen professional , you'll be sure to find value in the selection of auto programs offered by the Pro Series range. You simply need to select the weight and desired browning level of food and the oven will take over the rest.

Hobs by ASKO Pro Series

A fully controllable pure flame
Our gas cooktops offer a fully controllable flame which delivers a wide heating range and a new level of performance. Our cooktops also feature flame failure protection - no flame means no gas.
Fusion Volcano Wok Burner
Our Fusion Volcano Wok Burner is specially designed to generate a vast amount of heat and direct it to the base of the pan, rather than around the sides. Even when more ingredients are added, the Wok will retain a high temperature. An additional outer flame for larger pots and a simmer setting for lower heat cooking are also available on the Volcano.
Cleverly designed A+ burners
All ASKO gas hobs are equipped with the unique A+ burners that produce a perfectly adjustable pure flame, which not only produces a very high output but also directs the flame to the underside of your pan. The precision-engineered flame ports ensure that the flame has the shortest distance to the bottom of the pan. More energy is then utilised and the heat is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pan.
A logical layout
Placing the wok burner on the left, rather than in the middle of the cooktop, and creating the maximum space between burners, enables the use of multiple burners at once. The layout also ensures multiple large pans can be used at the same time.

Hoods by ASKO Pro Series

Strong, silent and goodlooking
Whether working at higher or lower settings, ASKO rangehoods are extremely quiet and energy efficient thanks to the durable motor and impressive fume removal capacity. Our rangehoods are constructed with high quality sustainable materials which offer a brilliant finish with highly focussed detail.
Air Logic Air Flow System
Our Air Logic system ensures our rangehoods function with maximum efficiency by utilising the whole surface of the rangehood for fume extraction. The unique hole pattern and size placement allows the rangehood to remain quiet and energy efficient, no matter what setting you choose to use.
Easy to clean
ASKO rangehood filters are easily removed and can be placed into a dishwasher for a quick clean. Unsightly greasy filters which are unpleasant to see and touch are a thing of the past with an ASKO rangehood.
Clean minimalism and Scandinavian design
Focussed on minimalist Scandinavian design, ASKO rangehoods blend seamlessly into their surrounds without appearing intrusive. Our rangehoods use clean lines, quality materials and simple shapes to create a key design piece which will complement your kitchen.

Drawers by ASKO Pro Series

Smart kitchen drawer for storing china or kitchen accessories
The ASKO warming drawer is perfect for creating the perfect dinner, it will heat up your plates for the dinner, or warming cups to serve hot coffee in. It holds 20 plates in 28 cm diameter, or 80 coffee cups, or 40 tea cups.
Slow cook your dinner
Low temperature cooking is a great method for cooking meat to remain tender. After browning you can place the pan or dish in the drawer and then cook slowly for the recommended time.
A slight push will do it
The drawer opens with a push-to-open solution, all for a modern and clean impression. A simple push is all that’s needed to open.
Keep it warm
With a warming drawer you can easily keep the food warm until your guests arrive and you are ready to serve. You can also use the drawer to reheat your food.

Cooling by ASKO Pro Series

A design statement in the kitchen
Our Pro Series refrigerators will blend seamlessly into your kitchen design thanks to their ability to be fully integrated with your kitchen cabinetry or alternatively displayed with stainless steel doors. Our refrigerators make a powerful impression on their surrounds whilst remaining stylish and practical.
Dual refrigeration systems
ASKO Pro Series refrigerators operate with their own closed system with a compressor and an evaporator. This allows the fridge to create a fresh food environment of humid, yet chilly, air and a frozen food environment of dry frigid air. This ensures both fresh and frozen foods are preserved in the best possible natural way.
Flexible compartments
With a movable divider that can be placed in five different positions, the lower cooling drawer offers perfect flexibility for fitting in a variety of foods and storage solutions. A sliding tray is located above which can be easily moved when bottom drawer food needs to be reached.
Handled with care
Our Pro Series wine fridge acts as its own wine care system which provides the perfect storage temperature. Bottles are easily accessible via stylish beechwood racks which extend on telescopic rails. With our wine cooler you can set exactly the right temperature for the type and character of wine you wish to preserve. Two seperate temperature zones exist for storing red or white wine.

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