XL Laundry Pro Series

Not all wash loads are the same

We build laundry appliances with a focus on durability, environmental sustainability and design. Within ASKO laundry appliances we offer state of the art washing machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and Hidden Helpers™ that help facilitate your laundry work.

Being Swedish certainly plays a big part in our commitment to the environment. Perhaps because we have always had nature at our doorstep. From the very beginning, caring for the environment has been an integral part of the ASKO culture. For us, it’s not just about how much we use, but how little we waste – in production, while our products are in use and when they are disposed of.

All our laundry appliances products are designed to be water- and energy efficient and are built to last for a long time. All our kitchen and laundry appliances are marked for future recycling.

Our recipe for success: professional construction, careful testing

When we build a new washer we try to imagine how you will use it in the hardest case scenario – and then we multiply it many, many times which means we test it up to 10,000 hours, equatic to around 20 years of domestic use. It is designed exactly the same as if it was to be used in a hospital, a restaurant or some other tough environment.

One example is our unique Quattro™ construction with four shock absorbers which ensures maximum spin speed for many years to come. Quite simply, we build our domestic products to the same standard as our professional products.

Made for each other

All our laundry appliances are coordinated in their design which makes it possible to combine your washing machine together with your clothes dryer, drying cabinet and other ASKO laundry products. ASKO is first in the world to offer a co-designed pair of domestic XL washer and dryer with professional construction.

They can both handle as much as 11 kg of dry laundry load which is good news for the large active family that now can wash more each time, but less frequently.

With our laundry care concept, you can actually fit a co-designed washer, dryer, drying cabinet and Hidden Helper™ ironing board into an area of less than one square metre. 

Matching sizes

ASKO Pro Series washing machines and dryers always fit perfectly together, thanks to a flexible design and installation that allows for stacking, built-in and side-by-side configurations. The door is reversible, and no venting is needed with the heatpump dryer. ASKO Pro Series™ XL dryer is as much XL as the washer so everything you wash, you can also dry.

A full wash load goes from dirty to clean and dry in only two steps and in just over two and a half hours.

ASKO XL Laundry Pro Series Brochure