Elements By ASKO

The elements of design

With Elements by ASKO there are no compromises when selecting materials: only the highest quality stainless steel and ceramic glass is used. Dials are formed from solid metal and pan supports are of the highest-quality cast iron. Elements by ASKO stands for a new interpretation of craftsmanship, using advanced technology. The clean lines and graphic divisions are apparent from a distance; from close up you notice the richness of the detailing and exceptional high quality finish.

Elements by ASKO is a unique range that includes the ultimate home chef equipment. The new ovens are designed to be combined according to your demands and your choice of kitchen. You can place them in a row side-by-side or on top of each other, the decision is yours.

Cleverly designed and effective A+ burner

All ASKO gas hobs are equipped with the unique A+ burners that produce a perfectly adjustable pure flame, which not only produces a very high output but also directs the flame to the underside of your pan. The precision-engineered flame ports ensure that the flame has the shortest distance to the bottom of the pan. More energy is then utilised and the heat is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pan.

A logical burner layout

We have made the most of the space we have available and maximised the distance between all burners. This makes it possible to use large pots and pans on all burners simultaneously without interfering with each other. On all our gas hobs you will find extra sturdy pan supports in real cast iron.

Hobs with domino effect

The ASKO Duo Fusion is a 90 cm hob, which combines two ­energy sources; one being an induction hob and the other being a Fusion Volcano Wok burner. These two cooking methods are combined into one piece of 6 mm ceramic glass.The first hob to truly cater for lovers of the gas flame and the technology of induction cooking all in one appliance.

The Duo Fusion hob takes an induction hob and improves on its capabilities by introducing the new Volcano Wok burner, to make it to one of the most flexible hobs on the market. It is on one hand a powerful wok burner and on the other hand a smart and dynamic induction hob. While you concentrate on the wok, you can let one of the Auto programs on the induction hob take care of simmering the sauce.

Awarded with Good Design Award®

In 2015, the Duo Fusion was awarded with a Good Design Award®. The Good Design Award® is regarded as one of the most ­coveted awards for design and innovation in the world. Entries must ­represent excellence in design at every level where judges carefully ­consider various factors including innovation, quality, functionality, sustainability and above all, world-class design.

The sound of clean air

Open kitchens are very popular, but they need powerful and ­quiet cooker hoods. ASKO offers island and wall-mounted ­cooker hoods that suit any contemporary kitchen. Your new Elements by ASKO cooker hood will surely be a centrepiece in your brand new kitchen with its soft black glass with pearl effect, neatly framed with real metal profiles.

The Elements by ASKO cooker hoods are carefully designed using high-quality sustainable materials with a brilliant finish to every detail. They are fitted with durable brushless ­motors with a very high efficiency, up to 926 m³/h. The ­extraction zone is concentrated to the edges of the filters for the best possible fume removal. The ASKO Elements cooker hoods are extremely efficient even at lower settings, so they are both quiet and energy efficient.

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