Inspired by the wild sea

With its horizontally or in some cases vertically brushed surface that is complemented with a splash of color, Black Steel is a modern interpretation of classic stainless steel. The color makes the brushed pattern appear clearer and reflects the light, giving the products a sober, shimmering and exclusive feel.

“The finish of the products is inspired by raw elements from the Scandinavian nature, such as the wild sea on a cloudy day. Even if you have never been to Scandinavia, there is an admiration for our elements around the world, that we hope to display through our Black Steel oven” - Jon Carlehed, Head of Design at ASKO.

From light to dark

For a long time, consumers have been going with white finishes and light materials in kitchens in big parts of the world, combining it with appliances in traditional white or stainless steel. But now there is a new global motion, with more and more people going for darker color schemes in their kitchens. Darker wood, grey nuances, black. That’s where Black Steel comes in, erasing the contrasts offered by white or stainless-steel appliances, making a perfect fit to the new darker world of kitchens.

From wild seas to Black Steel

A life without a kitchen is unthinkable.
As is a kitchen without life. ASKO’s new Black Steel range matches both your gastronomic ambitions and your high standards of aesthetics.

Steel innovation

The Black Steel finish is a result of ASKOs collaboration with leading steel manufacturers to find an ultimate way of creating brushed black steel surfaces. We wanted a texture that embraces the shifts between light and dark, depending on the lighting, making it alive and interesting. Black Steel connects the latest innovations from steel manufacturers to the raw elements of Scandinavian nature.

Steel alive

Enjoying your stainless steel appliances but wanting to add another dimension to your kitchen? Then you should take a closer look at the Craft Black Steel range. Black steel adapts to the lightning conditions and surrounding colours in a spectacular way. This allows you to integrate the Black Steel products in an equally stylish way whether in a modern, industrial - style kitchen or in a rural richly decorated kitchen. Black Steel is just not one colour, instead several at the same time. It’s a living colour.

Scandinavian sophistication

Kitchen appliances can take up as much as 50 percent in a modern kitchen – so how do you want half of the kitchen to look like?

With the new addition, the Craft line offers three different finishes: classic Stainless Steel, soft Graphite Black and stylish Black Steel, all consistent with ASKO’s interpretation of Scandinavia: understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials.

Craft Black Steel