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For your guests, it is the end result that counts. They are sure to notice the clean modern design and how well your new oven fits in with all the other ASKO products in the kitchen. What they do not know is the great feeling of opening and closing the sturdy door. Or how good it feels to select a new programme with the solid knobs made from real steel. They have no way of knowing that the oven has a unique interface inspired by smartphones and Auto cooking programmes. All that really matters is that you love your new ASKO Pro Series™ oven.

We can also proudly announce that ASKO has been awarded the Red dot award for the ASKO Pro Series™ Touch Steam oven model OCS8676S. This oven has its origins in the focus of Swedish design, minimalism and functionalism and it acts an aesthetic statement in a well-planned and beautifully designed kitchen.

It will change the way you cook. Positively.

Gas or induction? A difficult choice for many cooking enthusiasts. No matter what you choose, with an ASKO in the kitchen you’ll have perfect control of the heat, the most important factor for successful cooking. It’s also good to know that all ASKO Pro Series™ gas hobs have a special wok burner with highly concentrated flame and stable support for the wok pan, and that all ASKO Pro Series™ induction hobs are equipped with Bridge Induction zones making it possible to combine different sized pans.

Choose whatever you want, but choose ASKO.

Hobs with domino effect.

You can compile your own ideal hob using ASKO Domino hobs. These can be built-in next to each other, or combined beautifully with a full-size gas or induction hob. The Domino hobs are available as induction and gas with two A + burners or with a Fusion Volcano wok burner.

If you like wok cooking but prefer induction, choose an induction wok, and do you want to go all the way in the asian cuisine we can offer both a teppanyaki and a deep fryer.

Diwine design

With a volume of nearly 400 litres, the ASKO Pro Series™ XL fridge/freezer offers plenty of room for your valuable ingredients.

The dual refrigeration system makes it possible to fine tune the temperature between the higher and lower sections of the fridge, and you will love the feeling of being able to simply pick up the ingredients from the handy cooling drawer precisely when you need them.

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