Dishwasher programmes for all kinds of occasions

Our programmes are designed to fit all kinds of situations and type of loads. You will find anything from economic and ecological programmes for everyday use to really quick programmes for those special occasions with a lot of guests, servings and dishes. The list of programmes includes a special gentle programme for your precious Crystal glasses and a extra strong programme for hygienic washing. 

Quick Pro Wash

Professional quick and clean with Quick Pro Wash
This is a programme inspired by the world of professional dishwashers where speed is the key. The Quick Pro Wash programme is perfect when you know that you will need the same crockery, glasses or other utensils several times on the same occasion. 
This is how it works, after starting and the first water intake, the water is heated to approximately 65°C and kept there for up to three hours. The washing cycle then starts from this pre-heated stand-by mode, enabling very short programme times down to 15 minutes.

Hygiene Program, tough on plastic and chopping boards

ASKO dishwasher with Hygiene programme.
The temperature is high both in the main wash and in the final rinse. The hygiene programme can be used for effective cleaning of baby bottles and other objects that can be good to keep extra clean. To prevent the growth of bacteria and remove odours from chopping boards, for example, we raise the temperature to 70°C in the main wash and final rinse programmes. This is also ideal for thorough washing of jars for people who make their own jam or marmalade. The result is extra clean and hygienic.

Who cleans the dishwasher?

Self-cleaning programme in ASKO dishwasher.
The Self-cleaning programme ensures that the tub, water recycling tank and spray system are thoroughly cleaned. Regular cleaning is essential for both washing performance and the machine’s longevity. Use standard detergent, citric acid or a special dishwasher cleaning agent. This programme can be run (with no dishes in the machine) using normal dishwasher detergent or citric acid. Special dishwasher cleaners are also available on the market. 

ASKO takes care your crystal glasses

ASKO takes care your crystal glasses
Every time you wash Orrefors crystal glasses in an ASKO dishwasher, you are also nurturing an important piece of Swedish innovation. Orrefors and ASKO both have their roots firmly planted in the Scandinavian design tradition and both brands are represented the world over. Our shared heritage, together with the fact that Orrefors crystal glasses are washed every day in our dishwashers, has enabled us to embrace one another in a newly established partnership. One of the goals of this partnership is to finally put an end to the myth that crystal glasses cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher. While this is true for some dishwashers, the crystal can certainly be washed in an ASKO. 

The secret is the Crystal glass programme, which ensures that the water temperature increases gradually and is then maintained evenly, with a difference of just ±1°C. Place your valuable crystal in the secure wine glass holders in the upper basket. From now on, it is safer to wash your sensitive crystal glasses in an ASKO than by hand.

Your plastic will be dry with our Plastic program

Your plastic will be dry with our Plastic program
A programme intended for washing plastic items that are dishwasher safe. This programme has an extra long drying cycle. of course, you can also use it for porcelain, glasses, pots and pans.

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MODE function - your shortcut to clean dishes

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