Dishwasher Features

Dishwasher features

The secret is our carefully designed and tested rinsing system, comprising no fewer than 11 spray zones* that cover every corner of the dishwasher compartment. Each basket also has its own rinsing system, such as the middle basket where you will find Twin Tubes™, which is a dedicated spray zone for the middle basket.
Turbo Drying gets the load completely dry With a 25% increase in airflow, the enhanced ASKO drying system gets every load completely dry. After the final rinse, the moist air inside the dishwasher is mixed with the dry air outside of the dishwasher which dries dishes, glassware and cutlery completely. We call it Turbo Drying™
No need for rinsing by hand Our unique and improved Super Cleaning System (SCS+) is an intelligent feature that will save you time, electricity, water and effort. With this patented cleaning system you don’t need to rinse your dishes before putting them into your dishwasher. SCS+ cleans the fine filter and all the interior surfaces after pre-wash, before running the main wash. This means that the wash starts with rinsed dishes, a clean machine, an empty filter and fresh, clean water.
Perfect integration with a sliding door The sliding door solution enables tight installations with no jarring between the wooden front door and kitchen cabinetry. The wooden door slides upwards when opening and downwards when closing, allowing for very tight installations down to two millimetres* between the dishwasher door and the underlying plinth or drawer front. * without Status Light
Status Light™ At the bottom of the dishwashers we have placed a lamp that makes life a whole lot easier for you. It's a smart way it communicates with you using three different colors to tell you what the machine is doing. BLUE – The program has started, RED – The program is in full operation and no more dishes can be added to the load, GREEN – The program is complete and your dishes are ready to be unloaded
LED interior light LED-based interior light in the dishwasher creates a better working environment and makes it easier to get an overview of the load. The LED solution also generates better light intensity and durability.
Two additional power sources To improve your dishwasher performance even further, we have fitted our dishwashers with two separate highpressure Power Zones™ for the lower basket. Wide Spray™ for extra efficient washing of pots & pans and Jet Spray™ for washing of tall, narrow objects such as baby bottles or vases. Wide Spray™ creates a pressurised water jet while the nozzle generates a wide dispersal, thereby increasing the amount of water on the surface of the dishes. The result is efficient cleaning of really dirty dishes.
Less noise with brushless motor We have fitted our dishwashers with extra reliable and quiet brushless motors. No brushes mean fewer parts that can break and it also makes the engine quieter, down to 39dB(A). You will get higher efficiency which results in reduced energy consumption. With increased reliability, your dishwasher will get an extended life.
8 Steel We produce our dishwashers with eight of the most important components made of high-quality steel rather than plastic, such as: container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet and heating element.
Easy to use Line Concept™ The Line Concept™ is an easy to use concept with interaction from left to right. You start with turning the machine on at the left, then choose program, mode and select options. Then you finish by pressing start at the end to the right. Our dishwasher have real metal buttons and you will get fast and precise response.
Orrefors recommends ASKO From now on, it is safer to wash your sensitive crystal glasses in an ASKO than by hand. The secret is the Crystal glass programme, which ensures that the water temperature increases gradually and is then maintained evenly.

MODE function

Your shortcut to clean dishes.

We have created different modes to make it easy for you to adapt your favourite dishwashing programme to new situations. Instead of choosing from a long list of programmes and then a long list of different options and settings, you can now simply choose one appropriate mode and press start.