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Our Craft range is of the same blood as in all other Scandinavian inventions. True craftsmanship and a tradition of rational and practical problem-solving. When Scandinavian inventions are crossed with Scandinavian design, magic emerges. This magic you can explore in our ASKO Craft range, here you get a perfectly shaped front plate made in one piece, a sturdy ergonomic handle of steel and two solid metal dials. All merged with great precision, perfectly straight lines, seamlessly folded edges and nothing left to chance. Craft is Scandinavian perfection for creative food lovers.


Craft Colours Compared

Classic, modern, trendy or stylish, it depends on the materials and shapes you choose for your kitchen. But keep in mind that the appliances can occupy as much as 50% of the surface area, so they also play a big role in how your kitchen will eventually look and be perceived.
Black Steel, the new black thing Black Steel is stainless steel with a touch of colour added. The colour makes the brushed pattern appear clearer and the light is reflected in various ways making the surface come alive with a shimmering expression.
Stainless Steel, always in style Stainless Steel is a classical yet modern material that brings all kitchen alive. The diagonally brushed surface is reflecting light and surrounding materials and gives a practical and rational expression to your kitchen.
Graphite black, smooth and balanced Graphite black has a soft appearance and texture which gives smooth transitions to the colour of the surrounding kitchen. For the ovens, there is a nice balance between the soft black frame and the hard-black surface of the door glass and the display.
ASKO Craft Full Steam Oven With steam, you can also easily create small wonders – on a daily basis. By adding steam when baking bread, your bread will be fluffy inside, rise better and boast a perfect crust. For guaranteed perfect results, use the temperature probe in the bread. Then you’ll know exactly when it´s time to remove it from the oven. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Shared workload with Multi-stage cooking Professional chefs always use different heating methods to bring more flavour to their food. Cooking at low temperature for a long time and finishing with a short grill, for example. Or why not use steam, hot air and the grill in one and the same programme? Instead of setting different heating modes by yourself, you simply make a selection in the menu and then press start. Let the oven do the work!
Sous Vide - Packed with flavour A vacuum drawer and a combi steam oven with Sous Vide programme is an unbeatable combination. Integrate our vacuum drawer directly under the combi steam oven for both delicious food and ergonomic placement.
Rare, medium or well done? Auto Roast is an automatic heating cycle specially designed to perfectly roast meat. First, the meat is sealed at a high temperature using hot air and the top heating element. Then the meat is cooked slowly at a low, pre-set temperature, with the top and bottom heating elements. Auto Roast is a perfect function for all kinds of meat and poultry.
Keep it warm and accessible Extend the cooking possibilities even more with a ASKO Craft warming drawer that you can use to either heat plates and cups, slow cook food or simply for storing.
Effective boost function and Easy to maintain The boost function gets the job done properly. This is especially important when the kitchen and living room are adjacent. The boost function on an ASKO cooker hood removes about four times more air in an hour than is contained in a the average house. Regular cleaning of the filters is crucial to the efficiency of your cooker hood and its ability to remove smoke and steam. To avoid too much time passing between the cleanings, our cooker hoods remind you when it’s time.
Convertible convenience The freezer compartment has a separate temperature control enabling you to convert into a fridge. This is the perfect feature when you temporarily have to store more food for a dinner party or when you need extra space for storing bulky food.
A wine cellar in the kitchen Our new Black Steel wine centre adds a signature to your kitchen. You can install it as built-in or freestanding with the special Wine Centre kit that unites the wine chiller and fridge or freeze.
No boring storing Preserving food is more than just storing. We have packed our fridges with several smart functions that will take care of preserving when you are just storing. Like the Adaptive Temperature Control that keeps the food at an even low temperature even when the door is frequently opened
Super Flex Wok burner Let us present one of our finest Craft family members, Super Flex Wok burner. With output between 0,2 kW and 4,6 kW it range a large span for all types of cooking. The simmer setting consists of only two parts and is an efficient solution where the flames are directed upwards through diagonally drilled flame ports.

Easy clean coating

Based on nano-technology, our new stainless steel gas hobs have been crafted with a very thin protective coating. This layer prevents stains from burn and stick to the surface. This makes the hob very easy to clean, without special detergents.

After four hours of baking on 180° C, the ASKO easy clean coating can be cleaned more easily than the solutions our competitors are using. The graphite black versions are also easy to clean thanks to the graphite black enamel surface.

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