Get the most out of your cooling appliance
Simply cooling fresh foods is not enough to preserve them for a long time. Various fresh foods require different temperatures, humidity levels and even light. We also think that it should be easy for you to load your fresh food and then also find it - before it gets too old.
Long live the vegetables!
With the Freshbox™ your food is kept fresh for longer and retains vitamins and nutrients longer. No need to worry about buying larger quantities of vegetables, they will last as long as you place then in the Freshbox™.
Stop the clock!
To retain all the healthy nutritients in your food when freezing, do it with Super Freeze! An intensive blow of cold air will freeze the food faster than normal and when you defrost it there´s no weight loss. It's like time stood still.
Pull out shelves
Do you remember when you found last year's jam in a deep corner of your refrigerator and you had to throw it away? That won´t happen in your new ASKO refrigerator, where you can pull the glass shelves half way out and always know what´s there.
Charge your fridge with FreshAir™
Did you know that the air in your fridge is constantly charged with negative ions? The FreshAir™ function works on the molecule level and effectively eliminates odours as well as having an antibacterial effect. Freshness is preserved up to 60% longer than in a conventional fridge.
Adapt Cool - Adapts to your habits
Smart sensors closely monitor the way you use the fridge and adjust the cooling effect. In practice this means that the fridge lowers the temperature automatically prior to periods of frequent use, avoiding unnecessary heating of food.
Convertible drawer
The drawer has a separate temperature control enabling you to choose either wine, freezer or fresh-food mode. This is a perfect function when you temporarily have to store more food for a dinner party or when you need extra space for storing large food. The conversion from either the freezer mode to fresh-food mode and vice versa takes just about three hours.

Electronic ice maker

Smart electronic ice maker from ASKO
As long as you fill up the fridge with water you will have ice. The smart electronic ice maker then ensures that your storage of ice never runs dry. Good for hot days and late nights.
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