ASKO Pro Series

Pro Series kitchen products - for those who expect more

We have been selling high quality appliances to demanding customers for over 60 years. This has given us all the experience we need to create a range of appliances for the kitchen that will move our design philosophy and quality thinking a step forward. The name of the range is ASKO Pro Series™, a hallmark of high quality and thoughtful design in every detail.

Slide select and cook

ASKO Pro Series™ ovens
There are few things in life that compare to sharing a beautiful meal with the people you love. And ASKO Pro Series™ ovens make it easy. Packed with intelligent features that take all the guesswork out of cooking, you will be creating restaurant quality meals from day one. Whether it’s a family feast or a delicious gourmet snack, ASKO’s cooking range will complement your passion for great cooking and help to make every moment in the kitchen a joy.

Warming Drawer

Warm your plates and cups in warming drawer from ASKO
Use the warming drawer to keep food warm, to warm plates and cups or to simply keep things in. The exterior is clean, modern and stainless and is co-designed with our other ASKO Pro Series™ kitchen appliances.

It will change the way you cook. Positively.

Perfect control of the heat with hob from ASKO.
Gas or induction? A difficult choice for many cooking enthusiasts. No matter what you choose, with an ASKO hob in the kitchen you will have perfect control of the heat. The gas hobs features the unique Volcano wok burner with highly concentrated flame and stable support for the wok pan, the induction hobs are equipped with Bridge Induction™ zones making it possible to combine different sized pans. Choose whatever you want, but it must be an ASKO.

Hobs with domino effect

Built your own hob with domino hobs from ASKO.
You can compile your own ideal hob using ASKO Domino hobs. They can be built in next to each other, or combined beautifully with a full-size gas or induction hob. The Domino hobs are available in induction or gas with two A+ burners or with a Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner. If you like wok cooking but prefer induction, choose an induction wok. And if you want to go all the way with Asian cuisine, we can offer both a teppanyaki and a deep fryer.

Perfect temperature for storing

Perfect temperature with wine cooler from ASKO.
If you ever experienced that your favourite wine does not taste as good as you remember it from last time, it more often depends on storage than any fault during the actual wine making. An important factor for maintaining and developing the wine’s flavours is temperature. With an ASKO Pro Series™ wine cooler you can set exactly the right temperature for the type and character of wine you want to preserve. The wine fridge also features two separate temperature zones, for red or white wine.

Air Logic™ - a unique air flow system

Air Logic™ system in hood from ASKO.
The Air Logic™ system ensures that the whole surface of the hood is used for fume extraction. This is made possible by the unique hole pattern with small holes near the motor and larger holes at the outer edges, which makes the hood extremely efficient also at lower settings. Thus both quiet and energy efficient.

150 comfortable auto programs

Comfortable cooking with auto program in ASKO Pro Series™ ovens.
Both the kitchen novice and kitchen professionals benefit from the carefully crafted auto programs. Via a number of choices you will come to the specific recipes where you only need to set the quantity or weight and desired browning level. The oven will then automatically set the appropriate function and cooking time.

Duo Fusion Gas and Induction hob

Gas and induction hob with ASKO Duo Fusion™.
The ASKO Duo Fusion™ is a 90 cm hob, which combines two energy sources; one being an induction hob and the other being a Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner. These two cooking methods are combined into one piece of 4 mm ceramic glass. The first hob to truly cater for lovers of the gas flame and the technology of induction cooking all in one appliance. 

The Duo Fusion™ hob takes an induction hob and improves on its capabilities by introducing the Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner, to make it to one of the most flexible hobs on the market. It is on one hand a powerful wok burner and on the other hand a smart and dynamic induction hob. While you concentrate on the wok, you can let one of the Auto programs on the induction hob take care of simmering the sauce.

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