ASKO Craft

Crafted elegance

ASKO kitchen appliances are crafted with passion for detail to deliver performance and precision. Functionality and durability inspired on professional use and expertise to enrich people’s lives. In this, we find our sense for design and materials seamlessly integrated in contemporary interior.

Our expertise turned an oven into an instrument of precision. We used carefully selected and sustainable  materials and made our product elegant looking and long lasting. Our craftsmanship created this range characterized by exceptional finishing and intuitive interface. We have crafted a sophisticated glass door and integrated it into a one piece seamless frame. The big glass door emphasize the large oven volume and gives full visibility into the cavity.

XL full steam oven with outstanding design

XL full steam oven from ASKO Craft

Steam is used daily by professional chefs to bring out more flavour from the food and to create delicious crispy crusts on bread and pastries. Cooking with steam is gentle on food and preserves vitamins and nutrients better than traditional boiling. Healthy and natural, steam cooking preserves the full flavour of foods. 

This cooking method releases no odours and there is no need to add salt to the water or to add herbs and spices. With our combination steam ovens you can combine traditional convection with steam in a single cooking programme or simply use just hot air or steam.

Ergonomical and safe

Ergonomical and safe with telescopic guides from ASKO
Telescopic guides with locking function - safe and practical when handling heavy and hot plates. The guides will lock when fully extended and you just need to give them a slight push to slide them back. Together with the soft closing door you can maneuver your ASKO Craft oven door with a minimum of effort.

Vacuum Drawer

Advanced cooking with vaccum drawer from ASKO
The ASKO Craft vacuum drawer provides a unique possibility to introduce advanced cooking in your own home. The 14 cm high drawer is co-designed and prepared for installation together with both the 45 and 60 cm combi steamers in the same range. The drawer can be used for preparing food for Sous vide cooking but also for storing, packing or portion food.

Super Flex Wok™ burner

ASKO Super Flex Wok™ burner
Introducing the new gas hobs from ASKO; the Super Flex Wok™ burner. With output between 0,2 kW and 4,6 kW it range a large span for all types of cooking. 

The simmer setting consists of only two parts and is an efficient solution where the flames are directed upwards through diagonally drilled flame ports. Due to the smaller diameter of the burner head it makes the heat stay directly beneath the pan. The burner head is designed in one solid piece of brass that lasts for along time.

Easy clean coating

Protective coating prevents stains from burn and stick
Based on nano-technology, our new stainless steel gas hobs have been crafted with a very thin protective coating. This layer prevents stains from burn and stick to the surface. This makes the hob very easy to clean, without special detergents. After four hours of baking on 180°C, the ASKO easy clean coating can be cleaned more easily than the solutions our competitors are using. The graphite black versions are also easy to clean thanks to the graphite black enamel surface.

Intuitive interaction with Easy Dial™

ASKO provides intuitive interaction with Easy Dial™
With the Easy Dial™ function you’ll find an extremely fast and intuitive way of controlling your hob. This feature use a smart circular dial function with touch control where you easily set power and time. 

Sliding your finger on the control in a clockwise direction increase the power level, anti-clockwise reduce it. You can also change the same settings by using the button in the middle of the circle. By pressing the lock button for five seconds you lock the choices you’ve made.

Clean air and filter indication

Filter indication from ASKO tells when to clean the filter
If the filters are clogged, it really does not matter how efficient the range hood is in general. The fume removal capacity will decrease significantly. That´s when the clean filter indication comes in handy. It reminds you when it’s time for cleaning the filter.

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