At ASKO we design and manufacture premium quality appliances with our special Scandinavian touch in form and function. Ever since we began to produce washers in the early 1950s our goal has been to produce premium quality products that will meet and often exceed our customers’ expectations for many years to come.

The way we see it, white goods should last for a long time. That’s exactly what our designers aim for as they meticulously analyse every detail. And the results are amazing. In our washing machines for example, we use fewer components than our competitors, but still our machines wash cleaner, use less water and electricity, and last longer.

In practice, our quality procedures mean that we test ALL products before they leave the factory. Any machine that fails to pass our gruelling tests never leave the factory. Every fine detail, right down to component level, is tested up to 12,500 hours, equivalent to at least 20 years' use.

Today we offer a full range of kitchen and laundry appliances and we are proud that our machines meet the highest demands on design, function, durability and environmental awareness.

They wash cleaner, use less water and energy, and last longer. Accordingly, since 1995 we have also been certified to ISO 9001, which guarantees that our products are always of the highest conceivable quality.