The combination of everyday functionalism, environmental concern and clean, pleasant lines is the principal hallmark of Swedish design – and that of ASKO. The fundamental idea is that carefully designed products should increase people’s quality of life. To distinguish ourselves on a market of cluttered, complex and voluptuous designs, we aim for a soft, humanistic minimalism based on the principle of quiet being the new loud.

The key elements of Swedish design – understated elegance, high quality craftsmanship and natural materials – are reflected in ASKO’s design language. Much emphasis is also placed on functionality. We strive to make life easier by offering truly user friendly interfaces, integration of practical functions and trouble-free, durable products that please people for a long time.

Scandinavian design

Look at any prominent Scandinavian design and you'll see that it has certain distinctive characteristics. The main ones are simple lines, successfully combined with often ingenious functionality. We're talking about products that are so simple, that they're incredibly advanced. Each detail has a purpose, each solution a reason.

Scandinavian design has its own aesthetic expression and appearance. The foundations are purity, simplicity and naturalness, themes which recur in the design language and choice of colours and materials.

Design is not only about appearance, however. One of the distinguishing features of Scandinavian design is that just as much emphasis is placed on function and ergonomics.

ASKO's house hold appliances are part of this Scandinavian heritage. We never compromise on the choice of materials, components or functional solutions. For example, the unique drop-down door on the washing machine is not only functional, it takes your laundry set to a higher aesthetic level. With all doors closed, the laundry set is a perfect design match, with the ventilation grille of the tumble dryer providing a subtle, well-balanced difference. The pure, exclusive exterior will find an equally natural place in a reception kitchen or in the laundry room. Whether stacked or placed side by side, they are probably the world’s best looking couple (of their kind).