Why ASKO - Scandinavian Inspiration

Our journey from relatively humble beginnings in a farming community in Sweden, to where we are now, with our appliances found in millions of homes worldwide, is something we're incredibly proud of. From one single washing machine, we've now progressed to the stage where we provide a full range of appliances for both kitchens and laundry. We always make sure that everything we produce displays our love for design, using visual flair and a strong aesthetic to create good-looking appliances for discerning customers. And we're driven to create appliances that are really useful, as well as solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of the people who use them.

We're also committed to caring for the environment. Our closeness to and respect for the Scandinavian natural landscape provides us with a constant source of inspiration, and compels us to preserve it for the next generation. We're motivated by the need to create the most environmentally friendly solutions possible, and use our resources in the most compassionate ways we can. As a rule, our machines are water and energy efficient, as well as being built to last longer for real hard-wearing sustainability.

ASKO's appliances are exported and distributed by sales companies in the Nordics, USA and Australia, as well as 50 other markets worldwide.


ASKO's story started in 1950, and was inspired by one young man's love for his mother. It was his dream to build her a washing machine that would not only make her life easier, but also give her more time to do the things she really cared about.

We're inspired by Scandinavian values: healthy living, fairness, care for people, functional and minimalistic design, dedicated craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. We want to reflect the values of care, honesty, reliability and respect and combine them with a feeling for quality and respect for the environment.

We are driven by the passion to create products that can become a much-loved part of your home, that are a joy to use, that take great care of you and your family, and that can provide you with the inspiration, the opportunity and the time to do the things you really enjoy.

Important Asko years

1950 Karl-Erik Anderson invents his own washing machine. The workshop Junga is established in Sweden.

1958 A new top-loading and semi-automatic washing machine is shown at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg, followed by its industrial production.

1965 The fully automatic front-loading washing machine and compact dishwasher are introduced.

1967 Appliances’ export starts.

1970 The first floor standing dishwasher is introduced.

1975 The tumble dryer is introduced.

1979 SensiDry™, patented moisture sensor solution for dryers, is launched.

1982 First Professional laundry products are launched.

1984 The washing machines as we know today are introduced with the innovative Quattro Construction™ and Steel Seal™ platforms having four shock absorbers and a direct connecting door, and no springs.

1988 Super Cleaning System™ is introduced on dishwashers. Asko is the first brand to introduce the fully electronic dishwasher.

1992 The introduction of washing machine 20003 with a world’s first for a domestic machine frequency converter (FU) brushless motor.

2006 ASKO becomes the first brand with a design co-ordinated Laundry Care concept on the market.

2007 ASKO launches Hidden Helpers as a part of the Laundry Care concept. First XXL dishwasher with four level racks is launched on the market by ASKO. Time Program is another patented solution launched in the ASKO dishwashers.

2008 ASKO launches the Sense Series, its first design co-ordinated cooking range.

2014 ASKO launches Pro Series, its first fully design co-ordinated and own produced cooking range. New ASKO Brand and R&D Dishwasher competence center is opened in Lidköping, Sweden.

2015 The ASKO Elements design co-ordinated cooking range is launched.

2016 The ASKO Craft design co-ordinated cooking range is launched.

2017 The ASKO Pro Home Laundry range is launched. The ASKO Pro Home Laundry concept is awarded with the Red Dot Best of the Best prize.

2018 Red Dot Award 2018 for ASKO Elements Coffee Machine CM8478G, Built-in fridge R31842I and built-in freezer FN31842I. European Product Design Award for ASKO Laundry Care System and Dishwasher DBI1654IG.

2019 Red Dot Award 2019 for ASKO Tumble dryer T600HX available in two colours and several different specifications. Good Design Award 2019 for ASKO Elements ovens.

2020 iF award 2020 for ASKO Elements ceiling hood CCT1252W and built-in hood CBB862W.

2021 ASKO Elements wine climate cabinet is awarded with iF GOLD AWARD 2021. ASKO Celsius°Cooking™ induction hobs and smart cookware system wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2021. Connect Life platform is introduced for the ASKO professional

2022 The innovative ASKO Elevate™ induction hob with integrated extraction and selected ASKO DW60 dishwasher models were granted an iF DESIGN AWARD 2022


ASKO, Highest conceivable quality Inspired by Scandinavia

At ASKO we design and manufacture premium quality appliances which reflect our love for form and function – and, in doing so, which exemplify classic, timeless Scandinavian design. Ever since we began to produce washers in the early 1950s, our goal has been to make premium quality products that will become cherished parts of the home, meeting and exceeding your expectations for years to come.

In order to make sure that the appliances take care of you as capably as possible, we need to make sure that they work perfectly. So, we test all of our products before they leave the factory – and any machine that fails to pass our comprehensive tests won't get sold.

Today we offer a full range of kitchen and laundry appliances, all of which meet the highest demands when it comes to design, function, durability and environmental awareness. They wash cleaner, use less water and energy, and last longer. And since 1995 we've also been certified to ISO 9001, which means that you can always trust our products to be of the highest quality.

Scandinavian Design

ASKO Elements: designed kitchen appliances

One of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design is a combination of the kind of functionality that makes you want to use an item every day, with care for the environment, and clean, easy-on-the-eye lines that harmonize with your home. At ASKO, we adore this principle. We believe that carefully-designed products shouldn't just look good: they should also increase your quality of life. And in order to set ourselves apart in a market filled with cluttered, complex and voluptuous designs, we aim for a soft, humanistic minimalism based on the principle of quiet being the new loud.

The key elements of Scandinavian design – understated elegance, high quality craftsmanship and natural materials – are reflected in ASKO’s design language. And since we design and manufacture household appliances, we're also committed to making them as functional as possible. We want to make your life easier by giving our appliances user-friendly interfaces and plenty of practical functions, and by making them uncomplicated, long-lasting machines that will remain a joy to use for years to come.


We love, and are inspired by, the natural world. It's our duty to respect it.

And since nature is on our doorstep, it's only natural that we do everything we can to preserve and protect our environment. We're always trying to find the most environmentally friendly solutions and make best use of resources while we're making our products. We also try to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities and products.

Our factories are all certified in accordance with ISO 14001, meaning that our processes and routines are all carried out in the most environmentally friendly ways possible.

Environmental awards

All ASKO washers & dishwashers on the US market have earned the Energy star. This symbol helps consumers to identify products that saves energy and protects the environment.
Swan - well-known Nordic Eco Label: In 2007 we were proud to introduce the world’s first Swan labelled dishwasher in our range, side by side with our Swan labelled washing machine (also the world’s only one – so far).
FSC labelled paper: As an important part of our environmental work we have taken the natural choice to print our International brochures on FSC labelled paper.