A design in line with your expectations

ASKO Craft - Kitchen appliances
Exceptional finishing and intuitive interface characterize the new ASKO Craft line. Craft represents the key elements of Scandinavian design – understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials. Much emphasis is placed on functionality as ASKO strives to make life easier by offering truly user-friendly interfaces, integration of practical functions and trouble-free, durable products.

ASKO Craft is available in two timeless colors: graphite black and stainless steel.

XL full steam oven

Steam is used daily by professional chefs to bring out more flavour from the food and to create delicious crispy crusts on bread and pastries. Cooking with steam is gentle on food and preserves vitamins and nutrients better than traditional boiling.

Healthy and natural, steam cooking preserves the full flavour of foods.

Super Flex Wok burner

Introducing the new gas hobs from ASKO; the Super Flex Wok burner. With output between 0,2 kW and 4,6 kW it range a large span for all types of cooking. The simmer setting consists of only two parts and is an efficient solution where the flames are directed upwards through diagonally drilled flame ports.

Due to the smaller diameter of the burner head it makes the heat stay directly beneath the pan. The burner head is designed in one solid piece of brass that lasts for along time.

Easy clean coating

Based on nano-technology, our new stainless steel gas hobs have been crafted with a very thin protective coating. This layer prevents stains from burn and stick to the surface. This makes the hob very easy to clean, without special detergents.

After four hours of baking on 180° C, the ASKO easy clean coating can be cleaned more easily than the solutions our competitors are using. The graphite black versions are also easy to clean thanks to the graphite black enamel surface.

ASKO Craft Brochure

ASKO - Your premium supplier of kitchen appliances For your guests, it is the end result that counts. They are sure to notice the clean modern design and how well your ASKO products works in your kitchen.
Dishwashers inspired by everyday life With the improvements we have made in our rack systems, we go from being the world leader to the best in the world. Our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 18 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results, with an A+++ energy rating.
King size in the laundry room Within ASKO laundry appliances we offer state of the art washing machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and Hidden Helpers™ that help facilitate your laundry work.
When performance is first priority Whereas other hobs vary in power level or even decrease over time an ASKO induction hob holds and maintains the same power throughout the entire cooking cycle. This means that the cooking cycle is efficient from start to finish!
We spent a lot of energy saving yours Our heat pump dryers have low energy consumption, rated A+++ in accordance with the new EU energy mark. They only consume 0.18 kWh/kilo of laundry. In combination with our Sensi Dry™ system, energy consumptons is lowered even more.