Warming drawers
Provides a unique possibility to introduce advanced cooking in your own home. The 14 cm high drawer is co-designed and prepared for installation together with both the 45 and 60 cm combi steamers in the same range. The drawer can be used for preparing food for Sous vide cooking but also for storing, packing or portion food.
Smart and effective
Low temperature cooking
Low temperature cooking is a great method for cooking meat to remain tender. After browning you can place the pan or dish in the drawer and then cook slowly for the recommended time.

Telescopic guides for easy loading

Telescopic guides with locking function - safe and practical when handling heavy and hot plates. The guides will lock when fully extended and you just need to give them a slight push to slide them back.Together with the soft closing door, you can manoeuvre your ASKO oven door with a minimum of effort.

Cup and Plate warming

The warming drawer is perfect for heating plates before a dinner party, or warming cups to serve hot coffee in. It holds 20 plates in 28cm diameter, or 80 coffee cups, or 40 tea cups.
The drawer opens with a push-to-open solution, all for a modern and clean impression. A simple push is all that’s needed to open.
Drawers will fit perfect with your ASKO ovens
With an ASKO warming drawer in your kitchen you can slow cook food.
Heat your plates with warming drawer from ASKO.